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Photography is all about recording light. So the characteristics of that light must be tamed and harnessed, isolating the essence and beauty in that light, to illuminate the content, within each and every subject matter photographed.

The object is to manipulate subject and light captured within the camera, to communicate the photographer's viewpoint regarding the subject, and whether the photographer seeks to give pleasure to the viewer is at the photographer's discretion.

Portrait photography adds that dynamic of the individual or group of individuals that the photographer has a duty to record as he or she feels appropriate for that portrait assignment. As a portrait photographer your duty is to present the subject to the viewer in as welcoming light as possible, as I want the viewer to be drawn in to the image, whilst forming a connection to the subject. If I can produce a photographic portrait that attracts the viewer, by drawing the viewer back to it, the differing degrees of attraction correspond with the differing degrees of success of that portrait. To expose the subjects individual traits, to enlighten the viewer, encapsulates your object of being there. I also see portraiture to be a two-way dynamic experience that is a delicate balancing act. As the photographer, I am manipulating the shared experience to structure the visual look of the finished portrait.

I do shoot Weddings, Family Portrait, Actors Headshots, Commercial Portraits, Functions, Art documentation, Editorial, Advertising, Studio and Industrial Photography. I have worked for numerous organisations and corporations examples of this work can be found at my portfolio page.

So the motto is, have camera will travel. Please feel free to enquire, I am willing to discus any of your required needs.


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